Jh 110 jhprefered 437 xxx q85
Three Rainbow American Flags for Jasper in the Style of the Artist's Boyfriend, Glitter and oil on linen (2005)
*jh 153 (side) 199 xxx q85
Coke and/or Pepsi Machine, Customized, operational vending machine (2007)
Coke pepsi 450 xxx q85
Coke/Pepsi (286 Cans), Pigment ink on canvas (286 parts) (2012)
Jh 109 a jh preferred 205 xxx q85
Elvis '56/'77, Two channel video installation (2005)
Goveghamburg2 401 xxx q85
Go Vegan! (200 Celebrity Vegetarians Downloaded from the Internet), 200 framed inkjet prints, large format inkjet print, vinyl lettering, dimensions variable, installation view, Jena Paradies Restaurant, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany (2002)
 42q7845 454 xxx q85
Go Vegan! (If You Wouldn’t Eat a Dog...), 2 part billboard (2010)
Je taime 400 xxx q85
Je T'aime, Single channel video tape for monitor (1990)
Jh 155 253 xxx q85
Official Vatican Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI Torn in Half (After Sinéad O'Connor), Framed torn photograph (2008)
Jh 001 jhprefered 445 xxx q85
Maxell, Single channel video tape for projection or monitor (1990)
Recycling sculpture 240 xxx q85
Recycling Sculpture (World Trade Center Memorial), Blue tape, replenished newspapers (2005)
Jh 316 200 xxx q85
Self-portrait in “Mirror #1” (Jonathan), Acrylic on canvas (2012)
*untitled (arbeit macht frei) 200 xxx q85
Untitled (Arbeit Macht Frei), Steel (2010)